Customer oriented company
We always fully understand your needs and fulfill them in the best way possible. Stable, reliable and qualified team : Our team consists of 50+ people that have 3-20 years of experience in real software development projects.

Reasonable cost
Being an Indian company, we are able to offer services for very reasonable pricing, several times lower than that of the US and European companies.

Technically advanced
Historically, our country has the most practical & technically advanced education system. As a result, we have a huge pull of skilled human resources, scientific and engineering labs and institutions, etc. We know the technology and we will make it work for you.

No hampered communications
Easy communication - which is what our customers and partners appreciate. Reaction time is at a minimum. You will like the speed and quality of our work. In addition, we try to "predict" your desires and satisfy them.

We know the technology and how to develop software. We use the best practices of worldwide software development technology. The quality is predictable and extremely reliable.

A to Z internet solutions
If you approach our company, you will not need any other provider of IT solutions - we offer full-cycle software development from beginning to end.

Few of our valued clients

 Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Limited.
 CHC Information Technology Limited.
 Ramkrishna Mission - Belur Math.
 PDP International Limited.
 Rama Overseas Limited.
 IGT Exports Limited.
 Saharia Group.
 Prism Group of Companies.
 Dept. of Post - Govt. of India.
 Tea Board India - Govt. of India.
 CAPEXIL - Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India.
 EEPC - Engineering Export Promotion Council, Govt of India.
 Material Research Society of India - Kolkata Chapter.
 DNA Society of India.
 D.R Marks Enterprises, Florence - USA.
 CableChoice LLC - USA.
 TeeDecker Inc. - USA.
 Digitek, CA - USA.
 Flexi Solutions - Australia.
 MJP Computer Solutions - Canada.
 Main Stream Media Limited - Cyprus.
 Clive Barwell Limited, Surrey - UK.
 Mudiaga Aghotor, Heidelberg - Germany.
 Segas Data System - Romania.
 Europe Tracker - Croatia.